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Together we create more possibilities

  • Get access to Alibaba Cloud cutting-edge infrastructure

  • Reduce your time and energy to domestic market

  • Benefit from our large network of sales channels

  • Accelerate your product roadmap in China

  • Lower your investment and risks through collaboration with us

  • Enhance competitiveness with our in-depth technical support


Alibaba Cloud Strategic Partnership

Alibaba Cloud Authorized Service Center

Alibaba Cloud Authorized Training Center

Alibaba Cloud Training Platform Developer

Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Solution Provider

Alibaba Cloud Designated Delivery Service Provider for Apsara Stack

Alibaba Cloud O&M Platform Provider of Government Cloud

Alibaba Cloud O&M Platform Provider of Apsara Stack

2015 Information Technology Service Excellence Award

2016 Best Invest-worthy Prospective Cloud Provider

2016 Alibaba Cloud Most Influential Partnership in Regional Service


50+ officially certified Engineers of Alibaba Cloud;

36000+ hours on solving customer’s problems by using Alibaba Cloud;

1 million+ frequency of use the encapsulated mirror by Zhuyun on the Alibaba Cloud;

1000+ service scripts and tools to help customer better use Alibaba Cloud;

1200+ customers receive the stable and reliable service of migrating to the Alibaba Cloud;

100PB+ level has been achieved on the business of massive data migration;

24/7 hrs maintenance service for 10000+ ECS;

Provide hybrid-cloud solutions for 100+ customers,reconstructing enterprise-level cloud ecosystem;

5000+ officially recognized courses of Alibaba Cloud delivered by Zhuyun, a large number of talents have been trained;

23000+ persons have experienced the Cloud Sandbox,a self-paced lab developed by Zhuyun,quickly improving the service ability on the Alibaba Cloud;

ALL types of customers are supported by Zhuyun.

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