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As an Alibaba Cloud Premier Partner, Zhuyun offers a range of software solutions to sellers (or ISVs) of all sizes, such as Standalone Deployment (Image, Docker, and Resource Orchestration), Application Software (SaaS), PaaS (API), Manual Service Products (services with supervised templates).

At present, we have launched 80+ images and 20+ SaaS products on the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace. Meanwhile, we have recently been working with a leading USA ITSM company-ServiceAide to build an Alibaba Cloud-based SaaS product offered on Marketplace. End-users can buy from Alibaba Cloud Marketplace and use this software on their site. Our flagship store on the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace will help to extend our sales channels and offer powerful technical, business, and marketing support to help our partners establish, manage, and grow a successful business on Alibaba Cloud.

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