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A suit of Service Packs

CloudCare is a service brand which have aggregated a set of capabilities and expertise over the past four years.

CloudCare includes Zhuyun’s all-star products ;

CloudCare is applicable to the customers who have been using public cloud.

The delivery approach can be seen as a service or a software;

When registering as a member of CloudCare, customers will not only enjoy the “personalized” intelligent service, but also experience the 7*24*365 service by using the products developed by Zhuyun.


Portfolio of customized solutions

CloudCare+ is a customized solution which is based on CloudCare;

Meet the requirements of different customers with considerable scale and strength;

CloudCare+ provides a wide array of proven solutions such as Apsara Stack,Cloud Drive solution,ITSM Solution,Enterprise APP Development Solution,Internet-based Enterprise Management Solution,etc.

Overseas partner’s product can be integrated within CloudCare+ .

CloudCare C2S Service Mode:Find the“right”“person” in minutes

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